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First aid kit

Home first aid kit. The list of essential drugs
A list of drugs for the home kit.

Sick can be at any time, including when there is no opportunity to visit the pharmacy. Therefore it is necessary to keep the house at least the most necessary preparations. Below is a sample list home kit contents. Select the appropriate, supplement it with drugs that are right for your family.


Paracetamol, candles TSEFEKON D (for children from 3 months to 3 years), Nurofen (analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic) Efferalgan, KOLDAKT, TERRAFLYU and analogues, RINZASIP, Coldrex, etc. The basis of most drugs -. Paracetamol.


Tsitramona P, BENALGIN, dipyrone, aspirin, ibuprofen, Nurofen - headache. No-spa, spazmalgona - muscle spasm. Validol korvalola, nitroglycerin - for heart pain.


Motherwort tincture, Valerian herb peppermint, oregano and lemon balm, marigold, hawthorn and wild rose, NOVO Pass, Percy, glycine, soothing drops Gerbion collection soothing and others.


Tavegil, suprastin, Claritin, Fenistil, Zyrtec, and others.

When a sore throat

Rotokan, Geksoral, lozenges Imudon, pektusin resorption, lozenges Dr. Mom, Iodinol, Lugol's solution, rinse and Furatsilin al.

From cough

Gedeliks, Gerbion, Lasolvan, Ambrobene bromhexine, ointment Dr. Mom (used for grinding and local massage with expectoration of sputum), Linkus tablets cough Stoptussin, Mukaltin, Pektusin, ACC, syrup of licorice root, and others. For more information about the treatment of cough read here.

Nasal drops

Naftizina, Nazivin, Sanorin, Otrivin BABY et al.

Poisoning, gastrointestinal pain

ENTEROSGEL, activated charcoal, smectite, mezim, Festal, bags rehydron - against dehydration, Hilak Forte, oak bark or St John's Wort - fastening. senna leaf, buckthorn bark, Duphalac - laxatives.

In case of burns, cuts

Ointments panthenol, Bepanten, dexpanthenol - used in children from birth levomekol - for children older than 1 year. Burns can be used Panthenol Spray for contactless application to the skin surface. Actovegin solkoseril and as an ointment or gel for use permitted from the first days of life, possess wound healing properties, but do not have a disinfecting effect, as well it is better not to combine with other similar drugs. Cream Eplan has wound-healing, bactericidal, regenerative properties, is effective in frostbite, insect bites.


HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 3% iodine solution of brilliant green, potassium permanganate powder, rubbing alcohol.

Antiseptic for skin and mucous membranes

Miramistin, Octenisept - wide range of applications: wound treatment, gynecological, ENT diseases, is used as an antibacterial agent for inhalation (nebulized, Octenisept diluted with water 1: 4).

Additional funds

Sterile bandages, cotton wool, bactericidal and ordinary plaster, tourniquet, elastic bandage, pipette rubber bulb thermometer medical, tanometr, tweezers, hot water bottle, a few syringes, baby cream, moist disinfectant wipes, paper handkerchiefs, cotton sticks and discs, powder, powder , baking soda, mustard plasters, scissors.

Caution! There are contraindications. Before use, be sure to consult with your doctor.

First-aid kit should be stored in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children. Carry out "inventory" of drugs about once every six months for purchases ended or liquidation of non-performing. The medicine cabinet is convenient to store a sheet with the phones of emergency services, pharmacies and hospitals paid.

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