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2 flac. 20 ml Valocordin Drops (Crevel Moiselbach, Germany) Free Shipping

2 flac. 20 ml Valocordin Drops (Crevel Moiselbach, Germany) Free Shipping
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Latin name
general characteristics
Phenobarbital 2 g / 100 ml Ethyl ester of alpha-bromizovaleric acid 2 g / 100 ml Other ingredients Peppermint oil 0.14 g / 100 ml Hop oil 0.02 g / 100 ml
Form of issue
cap. фл.-капельн. 20 ml, № 1 cap. фл.-капельн. 50 ml, №1
Pharmacological properties
Combined preparation containing phenobarbital and ethyl bromizovalerianate (ethyl bromisovaleric acid ester). Depending on the dose, it has a sedative or moderately expressed hypnotic effect. The mint oil, which is part of the preparation, has a reflex vasodilator and spasmolytic effect. Valocordin is effective in neuroses, anxiety, fear, autonomic disorders, insomnia. In low doses does not cause depression of psychomotor activity.
Indications for use
Neuroses with increased irritability, excitability, neurocirculatory dystonia, cardialgia, tachycardia, insomnia, initial stages of hypertension, IHD, intestinal and biliary colic.
Dosing and Administration
Assign inside with a small amount of fluid, an adult 15-20 drops 3 times a day (with violations of a single dose can be increased to 30 drops), children 3-15 drops 3 times a day, depending on the patient's age and clinical situation.
Side effects
Dyspeptic phenomena, inhibition, allergic reactions to bromine, with prolonged use of drug dependence, bromism; with abrupt reversal, abstinence phenomena are possible.
Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, to bromine, acute hepatic porphyria, severe violations of the liver and kidneys, the period of breastfeeding.
Interaction with other drugs
With the simultaneous appointment of Valocordin and the depressing psychotropic drugs, mutual potentiation of effects can be noted. Valproic acid derivatives enhance the action of barbiturates. When combined with coumarin derivatives, griseofulvin, GCS or oral contraceptives, phenobarbital contained in the preparation may impair the effect of these agents. The drug increases the toxicity of methotrexate.
Chronic poisoning with valocordin is manifested by signs of bromism.
Application features
The preparation contains 55% ethanol. During pregnancy Valocordin is used only on strict indications. The drug can reduce the reaction rate when driving vehicles and working with potentially dangerous mechanisms, especially when using alcohol at the same time.
Terms and conditions of storage
At room temperature.
Manufacturer and its address
Krewel Meuselbach

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